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We are lucky to have a Learning Mentor (the lovely Mrs Clarke) who supports the wellbeing and emotional development of our pupils.  She runs three sessions in an afternoon called I am Mighty (building on confidence) I am a Friend (developing those key social skills our pupils need) and I am nurturing (supporting pupils with specific needs).  Our Learning Mentor is also ELSA trained and supports pupils on a one to one basis when required. Below is our Jungle Room, it is designed to be a completely different room to our classrooms, and encourages our pupils to express their emotions. 

Not only do our pupils receive support from adults, but our pupils are also independent enough to support each other.

Anti Stigma Ambassadors

We encourage our pupils to be a part of safeguarding and the emotional wellbeing of themselves and their peers.  We have Anti-Stigma Ambassadors who are specifically trained to support pupils if they are worried or concerned about something.  These pupils take our ‘Worry Box’ outside onto the playground every break time and write down their concerns and report them back to the Headteacher.


As a caring school, we are committed to the Anti-Bullying campaign in Derbyshire. We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to prevent bullying from happening.  The few incidents of bullying which may take place in our school are recorded and investigated.  A decision on whether bullying is taken place is made by the Safeguarding team and using a variety of evidence.  If a pupil bullies another pupil, they will be helped to change their behaviour and their parents/carers informed.  Pupils’ behaviour against another pupil may lead to a fixed term and permanent exclusion should all else fail.  This is to ensure the academic, social and emotional well being of the other pupils remains at the forefront of all our minds. Please see our Anti-Bullying policy for further information.

Our Pupil Parliament are also Anti Bullying Ministers.  These pupils ensure our policy is appropriate and report any particular concerns of pupils in their class.  They are also responsible for assemblies on Bullying, and how we can tackle this together.