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Sports Premium is used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport at Cavendish Junior School. It is designed to benefit all primary-aged pupils and to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles

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We achieve this through initiatives such as Cavo Cardio, where pupils are expected to carry out at least 10 minutes of exercise before, during or after their lessons.  This keeps our pupils active, using dance videos and challenges, but it also ensures they have an opportunity to re-engage with their learning and remain determined for all challenges set before them.  

We also use Premier Sport at lunch times to encourage new games on our playground and to teach core skills such as collaboration.  This is then used by our Mini Leaders and Bronze Ambassadors to encourage independence and a life long love of sport and exercise.  

Our Sports Lead ensures that EVERY pupil throughout the year takes part in a tournament or out of school sport experience.  We use the community around us as much as possible which ensures our pupils are excellent communicators. We also ensure AT LEAST 2 hours of P.E. is taught every week.  

Finally, we incorporate safety into our Sports Programme through initiatives such as Bikeability.  We push for our pupils to achieve at least Level 1 and 2 by the end of Year 5, and offer Level 3 to our Year 6's. 

Through these initiatives, we are confident that the improvements in PE and Sport are sustainable.  Our pupils enjoy exercise and thrive on competition and team work. 

For a full break down of how we have spent our Sports Premium on a year by year basis, please click on one of the links below. 

Sports Premium