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We pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for our pupils to flourish in.  This feeds into all that we do, from greeting visitors at the front door, to educating our pupils on the importance of safety in all aspects of their life.  This page shares our key policies and principles with you, as well as important links where you can find out further information. 

Safeguarding in our Curriculum (please note, this is not a full list, other aspects will be covered)

Cavendish Code Cavendish College Year groups Assemblies
3mph rule.  We ensure our pupils do not run throughout school and a reminder is given if they are found doing this (please see our Behaviour Policy for further information)

Online Safety                         

Online Safety is covered in each year group as well as in Cavendish College.  Here, it is to ensure pupils know what the key signs are for 'safe' web pages and what to do if something happens online and they feel uncomfortable   


This is part of our road safety campaign.  Years 4, 5 and 6 are involved in Bikeability and we try to get as many pupils through to Level 3 by the time they leave our school.                                                                                                            

Sun Safety               

This happens in the summer term to ensure pupils are safe in the sun.                                                                                                                                                                               

If children are deemed unsafe e.g. swinging on chairs or not listening to instructions, a reminder is given. 

Road Safety

Pupils are taught how to cross the road safely during Cavendish College.  We make sure that our pupils are also confident to cross the road when there are parked cars in the area, as this is a danger for our pupils as they leave our school in an evening. 

Online Safety

As part of our Online Safety week, each year group takes part in different activities.  This is over and above what is covered during Cavendish College.  Please see our separate Online Safety page for further information. 

School Safety

Here, we educate our pupils on how we keep them safe within school.  This includes fire safety, as well as challenging any adults they do not recognise in our school.  

Unkind Hands and Unkind Words.  If a pupil is found to have been unkind to another member of our community either physically or verbally, they will immediately lose their break time.  This is to ensure that EVERYONE is safe and happy in our school. 

Modern Slavery

This is an example of a new aspect of Cavendish College.  We adapt and change our curriculum so that our children are kept up to date with the latest safeguarding concerns.  

NSPCC-Speak Out. Stay Safe

This is aimed at Years 5 and 6.  It focuses on the key signs of child abuse and educates our pupils on the importance of talking about their experiences and being aware of their own safety. 

NSPCC-Speak Out. Stay Safe. 

This assembly is for all our pupils and covers a short introduction to the Speak Out. Stay Safe programme. 

Sun Safety

Each year, pupils are taught about the importance of sun safety and how to stay safe in the sun.  

Swimming (and water safety)

This is aimed at Year 4 when they are learning to swim.  

Anti-Bullying/Anti Stigma Ambassadors

Our pupils independently hold assemblies throughout the year to remind pupils of the importance of anti-bullying.  Please see our separate Anti Stigma Ambassadors page for further information. 

Water Safety

We teach our children about the importance of staying safe around water. 


Fire Safety

Year 6 are taught about Fire Safety with the support from Derbyshire Fire Service

Current Safeguarding Concerns

Where there are new updates or safeguarding concerns that arise, we address these in our assemblies. 

First Aid

We offer a progressive First Aid programme for our pupils, so that they can confidently administer First Aid if required. 

Safeguarding for our staff

Our staff receive termly updates on Safeguarding, ensuring they have the opportunity to discuss and question anything they do not understand.  We also use this time as an opportunity to reflect on our practice and act on any areas that need to improve.  


In each staff meeting, Safeguarding is a standard item, making sure that we are always considering the safety of our pupils.  


Our Safeguarding Leads also have a weekly meeting to discuss current concerns and agree on any decisions moving forward.  We take the safety of our pupils very seriously and therefore consider all actions carefully.


For further information on Safety, please see our Safety in the Curriculum guide which can be found under 'We are Cavendish' and the 'Safe'.