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H for Healthy is split into two parts: Mental Health and Physical Health.


Mental Health

We encourage our pupils to talk about their feelings and emotions as much as possible and to share any concerns or worries that they have.  Please look under 'Nurturing' for how our Learning Mentor supports our pupils and how our Anti-Stigma Ambassadors make sure that Mental Health is at the top of our priorities. 

Physical Health

We also make sure that physical health is just as important.  We use Premier Sport to support our pupils at lunchtime with games and activities.  We run Cavo Cardio each day to get our pupils up and active.  We also encourage Healthy Eating and discuss this as part of our curriculum and during our lunchtime sessions. For further information on our Sports Premium plans and how we plan to sustain a healthy school, please go to 'School Information' and then 'Sports Premium'.