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Cavendish Junior School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

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We are: Enthusiastic, Healthy and Determined

Our Year 6's were fantastic in their Dance Festival.  So many parents have commented on how brilliant they were.  Our children truly are determined to do their best in everything they do-well done Year 6!

We are: Enthusiastic, Determined and Aspirational

We had lots of fun during World Book Day. The children took part in a treasure hunt, looking for blurbs and book titles around school - it was lots of fun!

We are: Enthusiastic

We had our first EVER Hot Chocolate Evening where our children were able to come back to school in their pyjamas and listen to some inspiring stories from our teachers.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience...Miss Marlow has already purchased one of the books read!


We are: Enthusiastic, Visionaries and Independent.

Year 4 have cleverly used ideas from Grimm and Co. to create their own AMAZING stories. They did this inside our very own Curiosity Cabin.  Here they are voting for the middle of their story...I wonder who won...

We are: Enthusiastic and Visionaries

Years 5 and 6 were lucky enough to go to Grimm and Co. to write their own stories and have them published! We were all truly inspired! 

We are: Safe

Our children took part in an assembly and workshops all to do with Water Safety and where our water comes from.  It linked beautifully to our Science curriculum and helped our children recognise that their actions have an impact on others.  

We are: Determined and Visionaries

Another example of our fabulous pupils receiving Hot Chocolate with the Head Teacher as a reward for their fantastic work.  This reward is not just for one piece of amazing work, it is for consistent determination in all that they do! Well done!

We are: Nurturing, Healthy, Independent and Collaborators. 

Our wonderful Anti-Stigma Ambassadors organised a game in the playground.  Children had to follow the words of encouragement to make up a new word.  Nearly half the school got involved at lunchtime and they each received a badge when completed.  Cavendish truly is a special place to be!

We are: Enthusiastic

Year 3 were lucky enough to go to Creswell Crags! We found out lots of information about Prehistoric Britain, and we were lucky enough to go into the caves! This really helped with our learning!

We are: Enthusiastic

Years 3 and 4 had the opportunity to go to the Town Hall and meet our Mayor! Our children learnt about British Values and a lot more about our local area - thank you Councillor Gordon Simmons, you made this very special!

We are: Safe

We have been very fortunate to have a defibrillator donated to us from Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts.  Michael Holden and his wonderful team have been raising money, and it is their aim to get as many defibrillators in schools as possible.  We feel very fortunate that we were chosen!

We are also going to receive training and our pupils are now very clear about what this life saving equipment can do and how it can help our community. 

We are: Nurturing and Independent

Our Anti-Stigma Ambassadors have helped organise a biscuit decorating activity where all pupils wrote something wonderful about someone they know in school.  It was a huge success and everyone left school with a big smile on their face! Thank you Anti-Stigma Ambassadors

We are: Independent, Enthusiastic and Visionaries

Pupil Parliament were able to organise Cavendish's first EVER Cavendish Olympics.  This took place during lunchtimes over a week.  They organised everything and even made it to Lidl to buy the prizes! It went very smoothly and proves our children can achieve anything! Thank you Pupil Parliament!

We are: Safe

We regularly have our local PCSO's come in and share their knowledge and experience.  Here Cavendish learnt about the importance of staying safe during the dark nights.   



We are: Independent and Determined

Our pupils are keen to organise their own clubs.  Here is an example of drawing club, where our pupils well and truly got involved! Keep up the good work!




We are: Healthy and Safe

Congratulations to our Year 6 pupils for taking part in Bikeability.  Levels 1 and 2 can be very challenging, but incredibly rewarding.  This was one of the first challenges you faced in Year 6, and we are very proud to say that you passed with flying colours!