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Our Mission is clear; we want our pupils to have every opportunity to excel, and this begins with a clear, broad and balanced curriculum. 

Reading, Writing and Maths are discretely taught each morning.  This is to make sure that our pupils have the appropriate knowledge and skills and are able to apply this in other subject areas and in future experiences.  We also have clear Topic lessons in an afternoon covering Geography, History, Art and Music.  Science, R.E. P.S.H.E and Computing are discretely taught to make sure there is strong subject coverage.  

We are also very proud of our Cavendish College, which happens on a Friday afternoon. Here, pupils are split up into different groups and different ages to experience other aspects of learning, such as Food Technology, Gardening, Social Studies and Textiles.  

We continually seek to improve the learning experiences that we provide for our children.  Our mission statement is clear that we have high expectations for our pupils, and our curriculum is designed in such as way, that it allows pupils to develop confidence in each subject, repeating key concepts and deepening their understanding.

We use a variety of teaching and learning techniques, which are applied in class, in group or sometimes one to one.  We use iPads to support independent learning in the classroom and to encourage collaboration. Work is carefully planned to ensure continuity and progress for our pupils as they move between different concepts and different year groups.  We use our learning environment well with effective outdoor learning spaces, a Curiosity Cabin to support love of reading and a specific Intervention Room, allowing for one to one and group support if required.

With this balance of meeting the needs of the National Curriculum and the needs of our pupils in our community, we know that our pupils are ready for the next stage in their lives once they leave Year 6. 

Reading At Cavendish 

We use a programme called Accelerated Reader, which allows a pupil to read many books and progress through different bands of books at their pace.  We check that they are ready to move up by pupils taking a small quiz at the end of each book, looking carefully at their comprehension.  We encourage all our pupils to read each night at home-the more they read, they faster they will move through the bands, and the stronger they will become as a reader.

We also dedicate at least 30 minutes each morning for our Reading lessons.  Here, pupils will take part in group reading, called Reciprocal Reading, they will answer questions on this text, and will also be given the opportunity to answer a comprehension text each week.  To ensure all of our pupils are accessing the curriculum for their age, we also hold Class Read sessions.  Here, the teacher will model the key vocabulary and the whole class will read and access the text. 

Finally, we have dedicated a room called the Curiosity Cabin to reading.  This room is for pupils to simply enjoy reading and become engrossed in something of their choice.

 Please click on this link to see our Reading Policy


Maths at Cavendish

We use a scheme of work called PowerMaths.  This allows our pupils to begin each lesson with a PowerUp, recapping a skill they have already been taught.  Pupils will then discuss as a class a new concept or method and will work in pairs to solve a number of questions.  Once pupils are confident in the method, they will independently access a series of questions in their Practice Book, with the questions becoming increasingly more difficult.  This allows our pupils to show their understanding and be appropriately challenged. 

If our pupils have struggled with a particular concept, we use our ‘Consolidation’ time from 1.00 – 1.30 for pupils to access the re-teach and to be confident in their understanding before the following lesson.  This puts our pupils in control and encourages them to ask for support when required.

In addition to PowerMaths, we use TT Rockstars for our pupils to improve their TimesTables knowledge.  We hold TT Challenges in assemblies where pupils go head to head to see who can answer questions the quickest, and we also use a range of techniques to be fluent with our mathematical skills.

For more information, please click on this link to our Maths Policy

Writing at Cavendish

We are lucky to have such creative staff here at Cavendish who are confident to offer stimulating and progressive Writing lessons.  Where appropriate, pupils write about their topic or other areas of their learning, making writing purposeful and engaging.  We do however teach discrete skills as well through Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.  Pupils are expected to apply these skills into their writing and to be able to verbalise and find examples of those skills in their work and other pupils’ work. 

We also offer Handwriting lessons, and we pride ourselves on the high level of presentation seen across our school. This is achieved through practice and high expectations set by all members of staff.

We use the Curiosity Cabin to get pupils using their imagination and being creative in their learning.  We encourage our pupils to assess their own work and edit as they go. 

Writing can be seen across our curriculum and we ensure high praise is given to those pupils applying their skills and understanding throughout school. 

For more information, please click on this link for our Writing Policy.

A broad and balanced curriculum

The remaining subjects are taught in an afternoon.  Staff have discussed the school’s Long Term Plan in detail to ensure there is progression in each subject and to allow pupils to apply what they have learnt.  Please click on the link below for our Curriculum Plan.  This provides you with an overview of what we teach when.  It also shows you the key concepts that we choose to repeat for each unit and year by year, ensuring our pupils repeat key knowledge and build on their prior learning. 

Our Curriculum Map can be seen below. 

In addition to meeting the needs of the National Curriculum, we also have Cavendish College.  This happens on a Friday afternoon and pupils are split into different groups ranging from Year 3 through to Year 6. This encourages collaboration and communication.  Pupils are then taught 6 different subjects across the year, these subjects/areas are aspects that we believe our pupils should have before they leave for secondary school, and it also allows pupils to further develop a talent or skill. The 6 areas are; Textiles, Food Technology, Gardening, Art, Music, Social Studies. Further information can be found above on our Curriculum Plan.  Under Social Studies, there are some gaps, this is very deliberate, as we adapt our curriculum and plans to meet the immediate needs of our pupils. 

Please click here for our Curriculum Overview:

Curriculum Overview 2021-2022

Subject Overviews and Progression Grid

Below are links to our Subject Overviews.  This provides further information about each subject.  It details what each year group learns and how we ensure there is strong coverage, 'stickiness' and opportunity for progress within each year group and across our year groups.

History Overview and Progression Grid

Geography Overview and Progression Grid

R.E. Overview and Progression Grid

Science Overview and Progression Grid

RSE Overview and Policy

PSHE Overview

R.E. Overview and Progression Grid

P.E. Overview and Progression Grid

Design and Technology Progression Grid

Art and Design Progression Grid

Cavendish College overview for 2021-2022


Below are some of our Topic and Science Mats. These mats offer an overview of what we intend to teach.  They are stuck in the front of our pupils' books and are an excellent reference point for the key vocabulary and end points we expect our children to know.  We also send these home so that parents can continue to support their children at home.  

Year 3 Stone Age

Year 3 On the Move

Year 4 - Planet Earth

Year 4 - Italy and the Romans

Year 5 - Anglo Saxons

Year 6 - Raging Rivers

Year 6 - The Maya Civilisation


Year 3 Science - Animals Including Humans

Year 3 Science - Rocks

Year 4 Science - Animals Including Humans

Year 5 Science - Animals Including Humans

Year 5 Science - Living Things and their Habitats

Year 6 Science - Animals Including Humans

Year 6 Science - Evolution and Adaptation


In addition to this, below are a number of other policies that are key to Cavendish Junior School.  These policies are used in many subjects across many aspects of the school:

SMSC Policy

Aspiration Statement

British Values at Cavendish Junior School

Cultural Capital at Cavendish Junior School

Online Safety at Cavendish Junior School