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Chesterfield Dance Festival

Since 2012 Cavendish has been part of the Chesterfield Dance Festival held at the Winding Wheel. The oldest pupils (Miss Varns' Class) all take part and are coached by a dance teacher for several weeks beforehand. 

These are the themes to date:

 Year Theme  Music 
 2012 "The Olympics"  "Eye of the Tiger" - Survivor 
 2013 "Stars of Stage & Screen"  "War" - Bruce Springsteen 
 2014 "The Commonwealth"  "The Final Countdown" - Europe 
 2015 "Stars of Stage & Screen  "We Will Rock You" - Queen 
 2016  "Passinho Party"  "Clipe de Passinho" - Passinho de Copa Funk
 2017  The Jacksons Jackson Five/Michael Jackson Medley 
 2018  Films Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley 


I often say our pupils are amazing, but they REALLY are. If you don't believe me just watch their brilliant performance from 2018.

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