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We are: Healthy and Safe

We take the health and safety of our pupils VERY seriously. That's why Year 6 are taught how to ride a bike safely through Bikeability. Miss Varns and the teaching assistants work hard with the training staff to ensure all pupils are safe on the road. Once assessed to Level 2 standard pupils are allowed to bring their bikes to school providing they:

  1. Always use the road safely
  2. Dismount on school property
  3. ALWAYS wear a cycle helmet

Cavendish were one of the first schools in Chesterfield to introduce Bikeability for Year 6.

In 2014 pupils took part in the training video below. Pupils also took part in a county wide cycling competition and were fantastic competitors. Recently they were superstars in the Chesterfield SSP Cycling Competition held at Cavendish.

Bikeability Level 1 

This is for Year 4 pupils who will train during spring or summer term

Bikeability Level 2

This is for Year 6  pupils who always train in the autumn term