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Special Educational Needs and Disability Provision

At Cavendish Junior School, we are confident that all our pupils receive the correct provision for them.  Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Mrs Trish Bird, who works tirelessly to ensure every child is confident in their learning and receives support where required. 

The information below will allow you to see exactly how Cavendish Junior School supports our SEN pupils, but if you have specific concerns about your child or wish to have an open conversation about the support your child is receiving, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Her contact details are:

Telephone:  01245 450691

The Governing Body, in line with the SEN Code of Practice, are concerned to do their best to secure the necessary provisions for all pupil who have special educational needs in order to meet those needs.  The Governors operate and fully support a Policy of Equal Opportunities and children with SEN are fully integrated with their peers although a Teaching Assistant or the Primary Support Teacher may withdraw children for specific work outside the classroom as well as support them in the classroom.

The School's admission policy ensures that pupils with SEN are treated equally.  The Governors are keen to involve the parents/carers as fully as possible in any school based action and parents/carers will be encouraged to attend all review meetings.  We accept that the child has a right to be heard and encouraged to participate in decision making about the provisions to meet their educational needs.

There is a statutory requirement for all schools to produce an accessibility plan (SEN and disability Act 2001) a copy of which is available on request.  We are an inclusive school and we will strive to ensure accessibility for disabled pupils.

The school has a designated Governor to have an overview on the implementation and monitoring of the Special Needs Policy.

Useful documents:

Derbyshire Offer

Special Educational Needs Information Report

Cavendish Junior School Accessibility Plan

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Policy