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We are Cavendish


Our Cavendish Code-How do we achieve our Mission?

The word CAVENDISH is broken into a number of different words.  We use this to help us think about the key skills that we believe our children need to be successful and ready for the next chapter in their life.  This is the We are Cavendish campaign. Cavendish stands for:

Below is a table to explain how we incorporate these skills and how they are rewarded.  We encourage pupils to think carefully about how they are developing these skills and we record them in our Book of Success.  This book follows our children through their school life at Cavendish and is designed to capture their successes and allow them to think about targets for the future.


We are: skills

How this links to lessons and discrete learning.

How this links to making our pupils ‘ready for the next stage in their life’


  • Pupils are encouraged to collaborate and share their ideas and skills in all lessons.  Every lesson at Cavendish has an opportunity to collaborate.

Pupils are able to work with their peers and adults to further strengthen their learning and understanding.


  • Pupils are encouraged to give themselves targets and goals in each lesson, within each unit and over the course of a year. 
  • We have an Aspiration Station where pupils can share their goals and dreams. 
  • We have an Aspiration Club, where pupils can experience activities and opportunities not normally available, such as visiting a University or a business etc… Please see our Aspiration Statement for further information.

Pupils have aspirations for their future and are driven to achieve those aspirations.


  • Pupils are encouraged to think with an open mind through use of Daily Dashboard and regular discussion opportunities. 
  • Our pupils are also encouraged to use their imagination as much as possible and be confident with their ideas and opinions. This is particularly encouraged in our ‘Cabin’.
  • Our pupils are expected to express their thoughts and knowledge in a clear manner.  If our pupils can explain their learning, then we believe they fully understand it.  
  • Our pupils are expected to work with our community and all those around them in order to learn and grow.

Our pupils are creative and able to think with an open-mind.  They are driven and ambitious.


  • Lessons are designed to be exciting and stimulating for pupils.
  • Pupils have a variety of extra curricular activities and Cavendish College to broaden their experiences and to allow them to find aspects of learning they are passionate about and want to further develop.
  • Pupils are encouraged to be engaged and interested in all areas of their learning, linking back to determination.

Pupils are keen to learn and therefore to receptive to new ideas and concepts.


  • We encourage our pupils to be Anti-Stigma Ambassadors.
  • Our Anti-Bullying Policy ensures all pupils are treated with the utmost respect.
  • Our Behaviour Policy ensures there are no ‘unkind hands’ or ‘unkind words’ within school.
  • We have a garden and kitchen area, as well as a Jungle Room to ensure that all our pupils feel safe and nurtured, offering an opportunity to talk about their feelings and experiences. 
  • We have three wellbeing interventions ‘I am Mighty’ ‘I am a Friend’ and ‘I am Nurturing’ to support our pupils in building their confidence and understanding of their emotions.

Our pupils are kind and thoughtful citizens.  Pupils are able to express their thoughts and emotions and empathize with those around them.


  • We encourage our pupils to remain determined in all aspects of their learning, regardless of the subject or task. 
  • We praise our pupils for their hard work and determination and recognise that learning is not always easy. 

Our pupils do not give up.



  • We encourage our pupils to be as independent as possible, ensuring there is an opportunity for this in every lesson.
  • We use iPads for technology development and an opportunity for pupils to explore their own learning.
  • We use a compass to encourage our pupils to be independent. 


They are asked to look up at their learning walls for support, to look down in their books for previous learning.  They are then encouraged to look left and right and ask their peers for support, encouraging collaboration. 

Independence allows for further learning opportunities, and encourages our pupils to think for themselves and not be reliant on adult support around them.


  • Safeguarding is discretely taught during Cavendish College and during assemblies, this includes online safety, safety in the sun, NSPCC initiatives, water safety, road safety and in new topics that need to be addressed (see our safeguarding policy for further information).
  • We have a strict 3mph and safety aspect to our behaviour system ensuring our pupils are safe both in and outside of school.

Our pupils know when they feel safe and what to do if they are in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable.


  • See our Sports Premium plan for clear actions on how we keep our pupils healthy and our initiatives towards this. 
  • We also encourage our pupils to eat healthily as well through assemblies and initiatives during lunch times. 
  • Our pupils are also encouraged to have a healthy mind throughout Anti Stigma Ambassador initiative, using our Worry box, and using our Learning Mentor to discuss any concerns they may have.

We intend for our pupils to be healthy both physically and mentally and therefore ready for the next stage in their life.

To find out more about each aspect of the Cavendish Code please click on the separate links on our 'Home' page.