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We understand how hard this period of time is.  School will do everything in its power to make sure that you have the correct support available to you.  This page is designed to give you an overview of the changes we have made and to provide you with further information on our Remote Learning offer.  

Our Catch Up funding

You may already be aware that the Government have provided schools with additional money to help our children 'catch up'.  We have used this money wisely to offer additional interventions and make some whole school changes.  Please click on the link below to find out more information.  

Our Catch Up Plan

Our Catch Up Plan Review and Summer Term Plan

Our Catch Up Plan 2022-2023

Our Remote Learning Offer

We have spent a lot of time making sure that our Remote Learning Offer works for everybody.  We have chosen to use Seesaw which allows for work to be regularly posted and for teachers to have the opportunity to feedback in a timely manner.  Our Remote Learning Overview explains when work will be set and how to access this.  

We will also continue with celebration assembly when our children are working remotely.  This will happen on a Friday afternoon and will be via Teams.  This allows for our children to interact with each other whilst praising the children who have worked incredibly hard and achieved something against our Cavendish Code.  

To find out more information, please read our Remote Learning Offer. 

Please click here to read Our Remote Learning Policy

Please click here to read how we continue to encourage our children to read throughout isolation/lockdown

How do we offer support for our families?

Please click here to find out the latest information on advice for additional funding and support.  We recognise that families are finding this period incredibly tough, and we hope to support you all just as much as we are supporting the children.  

How do I get support for my child if they are struggling at home?

We are always here to help.  Listed below are the mobile phone numbers for each year group.  If your child is struggling with a particular task, we welcome you to ring these numbers where a Teacher or TA will be in the building and happy to talk you through it.  You are also welcome to ring the school number where either Miss Marlow or Mrs Wood will be able to answer any concerns that you have.  Alternatively, email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  


Year 3 Mobile Phone Number: 07762325111

Year 4 Mobile Phone Number: 07762325081

Year 5 Mobile Phone Number: 07500140170

Year 6 Mobile Phone Number: 07519002890

School Telephone Number: 01246 450691



Please click here for our Seesaw guide for parents who are new to this platform.  

We have also learnt many lessons about Seesaw as we have worked with this platform.  Please click here for a recent letter about how best to use Seesaw.