Cavendish School Parliament

We have 12 MPs; 3 in each year group / class. We  are elected democratically, by all pupils, every autumn. During the year we organise events and contribute to the school in lots of ways.

September: Elections for MPs and Prime Minister

October & November: 6 week training by Chesterfield College for all MPs

MPs are Ministers for Energy

We will...
  1. Turn off unused lights
  2. Shut doors and windows when the heating is on
  3. Recycle
  4. Not waste resources
  5. Monitor Solar Panels
  6. Check radiators in the school corridors are set at the right number


MPs are Anti Bullying Ministers

We will...

  1. Monitor the Anti-bullying box, deal with matters raised and pass any issues to staff as necessary
  2. We will be friendly and supportive to all members of the school community