Year 4


Hello Year 4! We hope you are well and enjoying sharing time with your families.  Remember to be thoughtful and kind to each other during these challenging times.  Tell your family that you love them, and appreciate the small things that make you all so special!!!

Your work is listed below.  There is a guide at the top that our lovely Mrs Laben has written for you with lots of worksheets below and work for you to complete.  Most of you have a workbook that you can use to write all of your answers in, however, if you do not, please feel free to use a sheet of paper, or, if you are able, come and collect a print out from school. 

Remember, WE ARE CAVENDISH! and our learning is always exceptional.  This means:

  • You need to write the date and underline it if you can.  
  • You need to used your best joined handwriting and show your parents what you are really capable of.  
  • Do your best at all times - ask questions, look for advice and stay DETERMINED.  

Parents, if you want to share what your children have done, please email this to  We will share as many brilliant examples of home learning as we can!

 Week 1

Mrs Laben's instructions

Telling the time

Telling the time 2


Correct the sentence punctuation

Year 3 and 4 spelling list

Week 2

SPAG challenge

Year 3 and 4 spellings crossword

Year 4 Maths activity booklet

Year 4 Maths revision booklet

Year 4 Maths activity answers

Week 3 (Wk. b. 20/4/20)

Mrs Laben's Instructions

Punctuating Sentences

Correct the Spelling Mistakes

Themed Maths

Missing Apostrophe

Plural Nouns Challenge

Possessive Plural Nouns

Showing Possession

Singular or Plural

Week 4 (Wk. b. 27/4/20)

Spot the Adverbial

Adverbial Sort

How did it happen?

When did it happen?

Where did it happen?

Spot the missing comma

Handwriting Practise

Fronted Adverbials Instructions

Spelling Practise

Spelling Board Game

Spot the fronted adverbial

Spelling Presentation

Word search

Year 4 Home learning booklet

Week 5 (wk. b. 4/5/20)

Apostrophe for Contractions

Apostrophe Quiz

Determiners sheet

Determiners Activity Booklet

Identifying a Determiner

Simple Noun Phrases

Expanded Noun Phrases

Under the sea Expanded noun phrases

Writing Expanded Noun Phrases

Geometry - Properties of shapes

Geometry booklet

Continuous Cursive Handwriting

Definition Bingo

Look Say Cover Write Check

Spelling Bingo

Word Search

Year 4 Presentation

Week 6 (wk. b. 11/5/20)

Mrs Laben's instructions

Addition and Subtraction questions

Powerpoint on pronouns - please do not print

Pronouns activity booklet


Handwriting practise

Presentation - please do not print

Look Say Cover Write Check activity

Word search for spelling

Week 7 (wk. b. 18/5/20)

Mrs Laben's Instructions

Homophones - are our

Are Our Powerpoint - do not print

Homophones presentation - do not print

Homophones - where were

There, their, they're

There, their, they're worksheet 2

 Maths Mosaics

Times Tables test 1

Times Tables test marking

Crack the code

Cursive Handwriting

Presentation - do not print

Word Search

Week 8 (wk. b. 1/6/20)

Mrs Laben's Instructions



Finding Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Powerpoint on Equivalent Fractions - do not print

Finding the Fractions PowerPoint - do not print

Week 9 (wb. b. 8/6/20)

Mrs Laben's Instructions

Conjunctions PowerPoint

Conjunctions PowerPoint 2

Ananse - Day 1 Clauses and Conjunctions

Ananse - Day 2 Conjunctions for Time and Place

Ananse and the Birds - Day 3 - Write Your Story

Poetry - Day 1

Poetry - Day 2

Adding and Subtracting Fractions 1

Adding and Subtracting Fractions 2

Adding Fractions 1

Ordering Fractions

Subtracting Fractions from whole numbers

Continuous Cursive Handwriting

PowerPoint Presentation ar & er Do Not Print

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

Which word where

Word Search

Week 10 (15.6.20)

Mrs Laben's Instructions

Homework Summer Term




Week11 (w.b. 22.6.20)

Mrs Laben's Instructions



Week 12 (w.b.29.6.20)

Mrs Laben's Instructions




Week 13 (w.b. 6.7.20)

Mrs Laben's Instructions




Week 14 (w.b. 13.7.20)

Mrs Laben's Instructions