Year 3


Hello Year 3! We hope you are well and enjoying sharing time with your families.  Remember to be thoughtful and kind to each other during these challenging times.  Tell your family that you love them, and appreciate the small things that make you all so special!!!

Your work is listed below.  There is a guide at the top that our lovely Mrs Bird has written for you with lots of worksheets below and work for you to complete.  Most of you have a workbook that you can use to write all of your answers in, however, if you do not, please feel free to use a sheet of paper, or, if you are able, come and collect a print out from school. 

Remember, WE ARE CAVENDISH! and our learning is always exceptional.  This means:

  • You need to write the date and underline it if you can.  
  • You need to use your best joined handwriting and show your parents what you are really capable of.  
  • Do your best at all times - ask questions, look for advice and stay DETERMINED.  

Parents, if you want to share what your children have done, please email this to  We will share as many brilliant examples of home learning as we can!

Week 1

 Mrs Bird instructions

Compass Directions Sheet

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Book Review

Four Point of a compass

Rivers and Seas

Spellings word mat

Unit and non unit fractions

Year 3 Fraction problems

Term 3A spellings

Term 3B spellings

Year 3 and 4 spellings list

Week 2

Mrs Bird's Instructions

24 Hours Higher

24 Hours Lower

24 Hours Middle

24 Hours using Roman Numerals

5 Minute Intervals

Telling the Time

Year 3 Mastery Cards