Cavendish Job Centre

We really believe our pupils are brilliant and should be given lots of opportunities to contribute to the school. So the Cavendish Job Centre was set up over 4 years ago.

Various jobs are advertised in school during the course of the year e.g.

  • gardeners
  • librarians
  • lunch-box monitors
  • and lots more...

Pupils apply for a job they like and, if successful begin work. They are paid a rate in "Cavendish Currency" and they have a job card which members of staff sign to say they have completed their hours. Pupils then get to spend their wages (or bank them to save up for something special) at the Cavendish Shop which opens every term.

We think having a job centre helps pupils learn:

  • responsibility
  • new skills
  • how to save their wages so they can buy what they want
  • how to prepare for the "real" world of modern Britain