At Cavendish Junior School we follow the latest National Curriculum. This was updated in September 2014. You can find it here...National Curriculum 2014.

The school also has a non-negotiable curriculum in reading, writing and maths. These are parts of the curriculum that teachers will teach during a particular school year to ensure that all pupils are covering the required knowledge and skills.  Click below to see information leaflets for each year group:

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

We teach maths using the Maths Makes Sense programme: click here for how it is used in school or here Oxford University website- Maths Makes Sense .

In English, we teach the skills of grammar, spelling and punctuation as distinct subjects which are then applied to a range of different text-types through writing activities.  Reading is taught as a distinct subject during daily Guided Reading sessions.

We teach History and Geography through Topic work linked to English, Maths and Science. 


Shown below are the topics covered in each subject in each year group (this may be subject to change). 

Cavendish Junior School Topic Map

Please see our school prospectus for more information about the curriculum our school follows.

 BBC Bitesize gives lots of support for pupils - find it below (also see the pupils' page for other links)